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Florida Property Tax Calendar

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The property tax calendar is furnished courtesy of the Florida Department of Revenue, and is updated periodically. If you need Federal Income Tax help, please click here. 


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Becoming a listed Tax Agent with FlaPTAN is easy. Anyone can represent property owners before the Value Adjustment Board, and whether you are a new real estate agent wanting to expand your contacts and clients, or an experienced CPA or a property tax consultant, FlaPTAN has helpful resources and tools to assist. Listed agents have access to detailed toolboxes, templates, methods, tips, and strategies for analyzing a tax situation, then preparing and presenting a successful protest. 

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FlaPTAN is here to help keep your Florida property taxes under control. The website provides lists and links to property tax professionals, along with self-help tips, FAQ's and member feedback, helpful links, forms, and educational materials, with useful techniques and strategies to provide the tools you need to keep your property taxes fair and equitable. Click to view our website terms of use and privacy policy.

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